How to tame a ratchet!

Ratchet: the word my generation has used to sum up the hood mentality and the products of that mentality. 

I’m not ratchet by any means. I may listen to the occasional hood anthem, use the occasional slang phrase, or even get loud with my friends and family, but that’s about the extent of it. I know that there’s a time and a place for everything and I’m not stuck living in the air tight box that those with the hood mentality do. Even knowing that I don’t have the hood or ratchet mindset I thought I understood the “ratchets” well enough. Now I realize that trying to get into the mindset of those with the hood mentality is like asking logical questions to illogical people. No matter how they try to explain themselves to me I’ll never understand. Most times they won’t try because they don’t understand their actions themselves and that they come from underlying issues. And unless a ratchet person has come to the point where they are ready to break free from the chains that keep them in the hood mentality then there’s  no point in explain my actions.

People stuck in the hood mentality take pride and offense in things that most wouldn’t think twice about. These are the same people who would rather spend $200+ every other month to make sure that their child has the flyest Jordans than put $25 each paycheck into an account (or even a piggy bank for that matter) for their child’s college education. They keep expensive weaves in their heads, airbrush acrylic nails on their hands, never without mini-blinds they call eyelashes but don’t have a dime in a savings account. They take pride in their ability to win street brawls and street credit instead of being positive contributors to society. They brag about their grind being their three dead end jobs as opposed to grinding towards ONE career that can sustain and satisfy them. These people are willing to complain about the stereotypes they are subjected to while playing right into them. They are happy in sustaining instead of elevating. 

Having opened my eyes to the world of the ratchet I almost feel bad laughing at ratchet acts. I feel silly having had disagreements with ratchets who can’t and don’t understand what I’m trying to communicate. You can’t age out of the hood mentality. You can’t move out of the hood and expect to just leave that mindset alone. You can’t be “educated” out of the hood mentality. You have to be enlightened out of the hood mentality and it’s something one has to want for themselves. 

So until the ratchet come to me for enlightenment I’ll be keeping them at a safe distance. I’m not a trained zoo keeper and you see what happened to Siegfried and Roy when they tried to take a creature out of their habitat and tame them. 


I’m Tired of Being Black

Today I woke up and thought how nice it would be to just be able to run to the store for milk without my hair slicked down or in an old t-shirt and shorts without being judged. If I was to do that people would think “this girl must be ‘ratchet’ or ‘ghetto.'” Society’s mindset would have them totally skip past the thought that maybe I just needed some milk for breakfast, before I got dressed, before I hit the gym. Why is that? Because I’m black. And I’m tired of it!

I’m Tired of Being Black©

I’m tired of being black

I’m tired of being strong

I’m tired of putting up a fight

I’m tired of just getting along

I’m over being “presentable”

I’m over the clash of shades of skin

I’m over the conflicts with the world

I’ve over the battles within

I’m fed up with being undesired

I’m fed up jumping through these hoops

I’m fed up with being the token black

I’m fed up being lumped into groups

I’m over this never-ending brawl

I’m over this great race war

I’m over going tit for tat

I’m over the settling the score

I’m sick of all this black self-hate

I’m sick of my hair being a hot topic issue

I’m sick of the natural hair debate

I’m sick but even more so I’m through

I’m through with being damaged goods

I’m through with being blamed

I’m through with stares and whispers

I’m through with being shamed

I’m tired of the stress

I’m tired of being black

I’m tired of the duress

I’m tired of being black


mermaidsOMG Mermaids are my new obsession! Being pregnant and back in my hometown (Where it seems I have absolutely no friends 😕 ) I spent Memorial Day 2013 on the couch watching tv!! Whooop whoop…. yea not quite but I digress. I saw this amazing documentary on the Discovery Channel called “Mermaids: The Body Found” and it was like life changing. Okay maybe not life changing but definitely eye opening.

It’s basically about these scientist who believe they’ve found mermaid remains off the coast of South America and then they use other videos and pictures of mystery “sea creatures” that look much like the remains they’ve found.  They also look at mermaids from an historical stand point. There was also a follow up special with the main scientist  Dr. Paul Robertson (hunk ) and another scientist who found other creatures making the same complex whale-like noises and caught video underwater of a creature that looked just like the remains of what Dr. Robertson found. And the mermaid remains PT Barnum had sometime in the late 1800s looks just like what Robertson found! (not the feejee one but the other one. Look it up! ❗ )

Anyway I could go on for forever about the documentary and the follow up, all you need to know is I’m now a believer and soooooo so so so interested in mermaids now.  I mean 95% of Earth’s oceans remain unexplored and in this decade we’ve discovered not one, but two new species of aquatic life! Also there are way too many historical references,that we’ve dismissed as myths to mermaids and in these references humans are killing off the mermaids. So there’s no way anyone can tell me that if mermaids existed we would have found them by now, especially if they’re trying to hide from the creatures (humans) who’ve hunted them!

While I am total enamored with mermaids now I am also frightened and a little creeped out by them. They don’t seem to friendly from the little footage that we have of them, but I mean I wouldn’t be either to the people that killed my people.  Also they look NOTHING like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”. Once again Walt Disney has set me up for major life disappointments  While they do have a human appearance they look more like aliens that humans who just so happen to have tails. They have these huge eyes, ridges down their skull, webbed fingers, and green skin. Ewwwww .  But just the fact that I know that is absolutely the coolest thing to me.

If the worlds’ various militaries don’t kill off the mermaids with their sonar weapon testing (which is killing whales and other sea creatures by the dozens by the way) I’d love to see a mermaid one day. Although Dr. Robertson thinks it’s probably best for the mermaids that humans stay away from them since we have a way of killing species off. A gal can dream though right?

Until next time mermen and merwomen. I bid you ado.


AND GO CHECK OUT “Mermaids: The Body Discovered. and Mermaids: The New Evidence”





The first footstep

Where to start? I started a blog about my journey to motherhood but in that journey I don’t want to lose myself so here is where I intend to express the other parts of me. I’m not quite sure what all there is to me or how interesting it will be but I know whatever it is I don’t want to become one of those women who loses it when she becomes a parent. Therefore I’m pouring the essence of my being out here. Completely transparent, nude for all eyes to see.

I’m 23 and stuck in a pit of quicksand in which I’m drowning in my lack of passion. Stuck in a passionless pit, sounds like the opening line to some 15 year old emos poem, but the fact is that it’s where I’m at in life. I haven’t completed college and I’m not sure when I will and what the heck I’ll do once I do. I know I want to finish but honestly I think it’s just to say I did it. I have no extreme interest in anything so my major is nothing special to me. As a matter of fact I chose it because it was so versatile (and  because I didn’t have take anymore math).

The funny thing is I love learning. I just don’t love any one subject in particular. I draw a complete blank when asked about a dream job. I guess if I had one it would be to be Barbie. She’s had every job under the sun and obviously got paid well to do them all because she has a dream house and stays with a nice car.

I’ve got to figure it out soon. I’ve got a child on the way in 5 months and whether I have direction or not I will most certainly have a mouth to feed. Wish me luck.